With Livelihoods Funds

The Livelihoods investment funds are supported by private companies committed to generating impact while offsetting their carbon footprint or transforming their supply chains. They implements projects with social, environmental and economic impact. From India to Peru, FollowFocus made a few films for the Livelihoods funds.

Livelihoods Peru

In the regions of Ayacucho and Huancavelica, the NGO ITYF brings efficient cookstoves to thousands of families. A simple technology that changes lives. This Film received a silver trophy, in the category Quality of Life, at the Deauville Green Awards.

Mount Elgon Project

Upstream Lake Victoria, in Kenya, the Livelihoods Mount Elgon Project tackles simultaneously poverty, environmental degradation and sustainable supply chain. It involves 30 000 farmers and aims at restoring 20 000 ha through agroforestry. An innovative partnership, involving a private company and an international NGO, has been signed to implement this large scale project.

Mangrove & Cie

In Sumatra, Indonesia, restoring mangroves is of great importance. Natural barriers against the elements, these forests can also provide the people with sustainable business opportunities, therefore enhancing the livelihoods of many families.

A forest for tomorrow

In the Araku valley, spread over the territory of Adivasi people, the NAANDI Fundation has taken up a huge challenge… How can the carbon finance be used to rebuild a forest and solve nutrition issues ?

Sundarbans – Saving the Mangrove

A 7’30” movie shot in the Gange’s delta, where the local NGO N.E.W.S and the Livelihoods Fund have undertaken a large scale mangrove reforestation program. Financed via the carbon economy, but carried out by the Sundarbans communities, this project aims at helping people to face the elements and protecting farmlands.

The fruits of hope

This short film tells the story of the Livelihoods Camp, that was hold in India… It was all about setting up co-working models to create sustainable carbon projects with high social and environmental values.