*FollowFocus : ergonomic mechanism used to control the focus while filming a moving subject ; to make the later always more valued.

FollowFocus is a production company located near Angers (France), which produces films and digital works dealing with or inspired by the environmental issues of our time. Projects promoting nature and biodiversity, stories of initiatives protecting the environment, awareness programs, illustrations of sustainable socio-economic alternatives

From conception to completion, FollowFocus aims at working with companies, associations or communities whose activities have the lowest negative impact on the environment and the greatest positive impact on society. Most of the customers and partners who trust us share this sensitivity. Consult our portfolio to discover the projects that we helped develop.

FollowFocus also initiates innovative projects by exploring new forms of storytelling. Webdocs, interactive content, multimedia exhibitions. The finished products vary on the form but share the same meaningful background for ecological themes.

The company was created by Laurent Joffrion, author and director very concerned by these subjects, and relies on a collective dynamic to gather skills according to the projects.

Our partners