Laurent Joffrion

Director Producer

I grew up in the french countryside and I have always been fond of nature. But it is really when I moved to Australia, in order to study multimedia and digital tools, that I first experienced the idea of wilderness. My journeys have forged a strong connexion to our planet’s natural heritage ever since. The relationship that unites man with his environment definitely inspires me to tell stories that highlight the value of biodiversity and the commitment to the conservation of nature.

I have worked with several film producers and television channels, in France and abroad, and some of my films achieved worldwide recognition at national and international festivals. Besides this documentary work, I have created a development structure, named FollowFocus, allowing me to explore new narrative forms and media vehicles. On one hand, FollowFocus collaborates with broadcasting platforms, institutions or associations; on the other hand it initiates creative projects, thanks to a participatory approach. Writers, photographers, editors, graphic designers or digital imagery technicians can share abilities according to the subject. 


OSO – a sense of wilderness

(2019 – 52min) (France TV)

Grand prix / Festival du Film Aventure et Découverte de Val d’Isère (France)

Grand prix / Festival Retours du monde de Pont du Fossé (France)
Best Feature Documentary . Frozen Film Festival de San Francisco (USA)

Grand prix / Festival du Film Alpin des Diablerets (Suisse)

Grand prix / Festival du Film de Lamotte-Beuvron (France)
Grand prix / Festival International Nature Namur (Belgique)
Prix Paysages / Festival International du Film Ornithologique de Ménigoute (France)

Grand prix du public / Festival Explorimages de Nice (France)

Grand prix / Rencontres Montagnes et Sciences de Grenoble (France)

Prix de l’Environnement (Festival International du Film de La Rochelle (France)

Prix du Jury / Festivals des Possibles de Sens (France)

Grand prix / Rencontres de la Cinémathèque Montagne de Gap (France)

Prix Nature et Environnement / Festival International du Film de Montagne d’Autans (France)

Images of Home

(2018 – 20min) (Bell Museum of Natural History – Minneapolis)

Monsieur Sacha

(2016 – 26min) (Disney Channel)

One morning on Earth

(2015 – 90min) (ARTE)

Scandinavia, the call of the North

(2014 – 52min) (France TV)

Best picture at the International Gold Panda Festival of Sichuan (China)

Abyssinia, looking for the red wolf

(2012 – 52min) (France TV)

Best photography / Gémeaux awards (Canada)

Grand prix / Festival du Film Aventure et Découverte de Val d’Isère (France)

Best picture / Namur Film Festival (Belgium)

Prix du jury / Festival du Film d’Aventure de La Rochelle (France)

The adventures of Tintin

(2010 – documentary adaptation – 43min) (ARTE)

Travel diary

In Japan (2008 – 26 et 52min) (ARTE)

In Cambodia (2007 – 26 et 52min) (ARTE)

In Armenia (2006 – 26 et 52min) (ARTE)

Echo of the plains

(2006 – 26min) (CNRS – Ushuaïa TV)

Into the French National Parks

(2005 – 5x52min) (TF1 – Ushuaïa TV)


Nature 365

(2016 – web documentary – 365min)

Nordic Variations – Forollhogna Mission

(2011 – web documentary)

Nordic Variations – Dovrefjell Mission

(2011 – art folios and DVD set)

Institutional / Non-profit projects

Forests & Livelihoods (web series for the Livelihoods Fund) :

2017, in Peru
2016, in Kenya
2014, in Sumatra
2011, in Congo
2010, in the Sundarbans
2010, in India

Kobalann Publishing – Vincent Munier

2016, Arctique
2015, Deers at night

The Nikon experience (web series for Nikon Corporation)

2012, Elusive shadows
2009, Summer variations

Pixel workshops

2014, Dakar Expo
2013, Khaimaazrah