Morning Glory

Morning Glory explores 5 iconic environments during the light of daybreak, in Zambia, Brazil, Mexico, Norway and Canada. As the earth spins around its axis it also revolves around the sun, a double rotation responsible for the rolling of the seasons and the alternation of night and day–transitional phases that have influenced life on our planet since the dawn of time. They determine plant structures and animal behavior. Dawn, a sublime moment we rarely take the time to observe, is dramatically eye-opening for those who get the chance to witness it.  The dawn sheds light on strategies of survival of flora and fauna, shaping the patterns of life on Earth. It bubbles with life, as night creatures and day creatures cross paths between shifts, sharing a crucial, glorious moment in the heart of their ecological niches.

A 90′ minutes documentary movie edited @FollowFocus for Bonne Pioche and ARTE France, and based upon episodes by Fréderic Fébvre, Alexis Barbier-Bouvet and Sylvain Garassus.