OSO – Wild visions from Asturias

This film is an immersion into the breath taking wild setting of the Cantabrian Mountains, taking the viewer on an unprecedented natural experience to meet the Cantabrian brown bears. Following the footsteps of this emblematic beast, are current character in the film, we discover this natural environment with its primitive vibrations, where the flora and fauna are testimony to an ecosystem that has remained intact. The steep slopes of this mountain range are also home to gray wolves, capercaillie, deer, mountain goats, griffon vultures and black woodpeckers. Vincent Munier, a passionate nature photographer recognized as one of the best of his generation, captures some furtive glimpses and close-up observations to conjure the poetic dimension of this wild, little-known setting.

A 52 minutes documentary directed by Laurent Joffrion and Vincent Munier

Produced by France.tv Studio – Caroline Broussaud, and KobalannVincent Munier.

Video editing by Laurent Joffrion @FollowFocus.